International Cosmetic Products by Makeup India

Makeup India has launched a diverse range of international makeup products of various global brands in Delhi. The brands are from UK as well as US and have gathered positive customer response due to their superior quality. The UK brands include MeMeMe Cosmetics and Beauty UK whereas the US brands are Bellapiere and LAQA & Co. Apart from the quality aspect of the above mentioned brands, another important feature is that the product range is really exclusive and the shades of cosmetics are also very unique and subtle.

ImageMeMeMe Cosmetics are owned by Lifestyle Aesthetics, a UK specialist provider of Cosmeceutical, Beauty and Hair care solutions globally called as MAC of UK. It offers affordable luxury within an eclectic range of handbag essentials, on trend editions, classic lines and gift collections. Beauty UK Cosmetics are High fashion, color focused, fresh, fun quality & affordable cosmetics brand among the various brands available. The Focused, fresher & more affordable range than the other mid market brands keeps them in demand by the customers. High end look of the products and feel of the packaging makes them irresistible for the customers. They further keep on bringing about continuous innovation in their products through better compositions and bringing forth bang on trend products.

The US Brand, Bellapiere Cosmetics contains 100% pure minerals & pigments. The best feature of Bellapiere product range is that they accommodate all skin tones and types from normal to oily, dry and sensitive skin. The quality of all the products under MUI’s Cosmetic franchise is highly competitive and affordable at price. Bellapiere emphasises the use of 100% pure mica powder with no other additives or harmful ingredients. In addition it also has other minerals that protect and nurture the skin, such as Titanium Dioxide which is a naturally ocuring sunscreen.

Makeup India makes sure that all the cosmetic products offered by them are of utmost quality and satisfy the customer beauty needs.

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