Shweta Sachani: Inspired from Belief

Shweta Sachani believes that every individual has a certain beauty and it’s the job of the makeup artist to enhance it with the art of makeup and make every woman timeless and unforgettable. She believes that there are endless possibilities within the makeup industry and one can use the innovations to grow and learn. This belief of Shweta Sachani inspired her to come up with her venture into the makeup industry with Makeup India.


Shweta Sachani with great expertise in fashion, TV, natural and bridal makeup came up with her own venture Makeup India. She is an independent woman and has established herself as the CEO of makeup India. Having a good hand at makeup Shweta does freelancing as a makeup artist for many celebrities. Also, presently there are various franchises of Makeup India running all over India.

Shweta’s further plans are also in the same domain i.e. makeup and beauty. Seeking a new challenge at the height of her career, Shweta Sachani opened her magic bag of tricks to share this opportunity & make every woman beautiful with her strokes of brush. Shweta decided to give something back to the industry by opening Makeup India, where she will create young entrepreneurs of the industry. It is a ‘women achievement’ dream project that she is working on currently.

Call us for an appointment +91-9873062760 or visit


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